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OUR PROPERTIES IN Puerto de Santiago

Puerto de Santiago is a little town located only 20 minutes’ by foot from one of the biggest Tenerife’s highlights – giant cliffs Los Gigantes. Since the weather here is sunny and mild with a low amount of precipitation, this area is a great holiday destination for those looking for peace and quiet.

Quality rental apartments in Puerto de Santiago

Qualistay offers new, modern one and two bedroom apartments in a new apartment complex in Puerto de Santiago. Our properties have fully equipped kitchens, comfortable beds, terraces and beautiful views. The apartment complex features communal swimming pools, including heated one and the one for small children.

Beautiful beaches

It is probably a dream of every holidaymaker to wake up in the morning and take a swim in the sea or the ocean! It is quite easy to fulfil it while living in Puerto de Santiago, as the beach Playa de la Arena is only 10 minutes away by foot. This black sand beach was given the Blue Flag status award for its sand and water cleanness, as well as great facilities and service. The beach has lifeguards, and it is possible to rent sun beds and sunshades here.

The beach Playa de Los Guios in Los Gigantes is also very close. This small, yet cosy, beach with warm water is located right near the giant cliffs.

The beach Playa de Abama is a true gem not only of this area but also of the whole island! It is already worth a visit only to see the view from the top of the hill, not to mention the cleanest turquoise water, soft sand and even natural baths! The beach is located within 10-15 minutes’ drive from Puerto de Santiago.

Magnificent giant cliffs Los Gigantes

These old giant cliffs have witnessed different epochs, as they are 5-7 million years old. Standing tall, they serve as a natural protection of this part of Tenerife from the trade winds, thus contributing to a mild and calm weather. Beautiful and majestic, Los Gigantes are every photographer’s dream. While they are amazing any time of a day, they are especially beautiful at sunset, when they bathe in gentle sun rays. A small harbour and a cosy beach Playa de Los Guios are located just by the cliffs. A town Los Gigantes is worth a visit, as well. Lots of restaurants and cafes with Canarian, Spanish and international cuisine are located there. There are also souvenir and craftsmen shops and even a little church. The local highlight is beautiful carved wooden balconies.

Great hiking and water activities

Certainly, a hike to Masca village is a “must” outdoor activity of Tenerife South. One way to get there is to hire a water taxi in Los Gigantes that gets you to the lowest part of the village and to take a 2-hour’s uphill hike from there. The views over ravines covered with palm trees and other tropical vegetation are to die for. Located high in Teno Mountains, the Masca village has only recently been opened for a mass tourism, therefore it preserved typical Canarian culture and authenticity. Once you get to the village, you can rest in one of the traditional cafes that serve local cuisine and local speciality - cactus lemonade.

Another highlight of Tenerife, which is also accessible from the South Shore, is Teide National Park. Take a tour to the crater of the Teide volcano and hike downhill. An absolute solitude and unity with the nature of this unforgettable 4-5 hours hike will make you think a lot about life and appreciate the surrounding beauty. The climate in Teide is very arid, and its landscape is a combination of volcanic rocks, desert and orange rocky formations. Some rare flora and fauna specimen can be found on Teide. La Gomera, another Canary Island, is visible from the park.

Shopping and dining opportunities

There are two big supermarkets in Puerto de Santiago – “Mercadona” that among other foods offer a great variety of fish and seafood, and “Lidl”, which highlight is fresh bread and pastries. There are numerous local and international restaurants, pubs and cafes, as well as souvenir shops on the Playa la Arena promenade and in Los Gigantes. More shopping opportunities are available in Costa Adeje, a resort located in 15 minutes’ drive from Puerto de Santiago.