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Agent pointing down at quality standards

Representation standards

Standard 1: Property description

Property description must be explicit, highlighting property’s peculiarities, amenities, location, condition, and renting arrangements. In case, there is an unavoidable source of noise that might affect a stay (construction, excessive traffic, discos, restaurants, etc.), it must be clearly stated in the property’s description. A rule of thumb: guests must be certain that what they read in the ad is what they get upon arrival.

Standard 2: Photos

Photos must depict the reality, be in high resolution and have a consistent quality. All property areas/equipment must be visible on photos in the description. Images of views and areas not directly related to/located at a property may appear in the “Nearby area” section only. It is still ok to take pictures from property’s windows, garden or other adjacent areas. In addition, it is allowed to make pictures of a property from outside.

Standard 3: Fees and taxes

All additional charges, taxes and fees connected with a stay must be clearly stated in the property description.

Quality standards

Standard 1: Property, household communications and equipment safety

Property, household communications (pipes, wires, etc.) and equipment should not impose any danger on health or life of guests, or cause damage to the guests’ belongings.
Smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors must be present where applicable.
A list of emergency contact telephone numbers must be easy to find.
Examples of potential dangers:

Property potential dangers:

  1. Insecure door and window locks may result in break-ins
  2. Slippery floor (especially, in a bath room or a swimming pool area) may result in injuries or even death
  3. Stairs without railings may also result in injuries or death

Household communications potential dangers:

  1. Bare electric wires may result in electrocution
  2. Old and/or rusty gas pipes may result in gas poisoning
  3. Abrupt drops and increases of water temperature may result in skin burns and falling (relevant to households utilizing a water boiler)

Equipment potential dangers:

  1. Excessively hot water boiler/container should not be placed in such a way that guests can accidentally touch them, e.g. when taking a shower
  2. Old propane stoves may cause fire or explosion
  3. Electric equipment in inappropriate condition may cause electrocution

Standard 2: Hygiene and health

Properties must be clean and present no risk to guests’ well-being.

Examples of factors that might directly affect guests’ health:

  1. Pest
  2. Dirt
  3. Dust
  4. Mold
  5. Bad smell (from drain, dump or damp)

Standard 3: Comfort


  1. A property in general: its walls, ceilings, floors, furniture and outside areas must be in good condition.
  2. There must be sufficient light inside a property.
  3. For cold periods, an adequate heating must be foreseen; for hot periods – an adequate cooling.
  4. Wireless Internet connection must be stable and relatively fast. It should be available throughout a property.
  5. A swimming pool must be kept clean, algae-free.


  1. Towels must not be worn-out, contain holes, stains, or loose threads.
  2. A shower hose must be in order and a shower head must be securely mounted.
  3. Hot water supply must be enough for at least 20 minutes of showering. In case of limited hot water supply, proper instructions must be given to guests in advance.
  4. There must be proper ventilation in the bathroom.


  1. Bed sheets, pillows and duvets must be clean, contain no stains and be in good condition.
  2. Mattresses must contain no sagging or stains.
  3. Beds must not make noise when guest turn over or stand up/lie down.
  4. Reading lights must be available.


  1. Kitchen furniture must be in good condition.
  2. Basic kitchen equipment must be present: kettle, coffee maker, microwave, stove, oven, fridge, dishwasher and kitchen vent.
  3. There must be at least two frying pans (big and small), two cooking pots (big and small), 4-set cutlery, plates, cups, glasses (for water, wine and beer), set of kitchen knives, cutting boards, and a bottle/can opener.

Living room

  1. A TV-set must be available.
  2. Furniture must be in good condition.
  3. A music playing equipment must be present.

Guest service standards

Standard 1. Arrival and departure

Owners are responsible for arranging for the key pick up and drop off, as well as for informing guests about a respective procedure prior to their arrival and departure.

Standard 2. Emergency and breakage

Owners or subcontracted third parties must be able to provide assistance as soon as possible to guests in case of emergency or breakage.